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Lake Amistad

Important Boat Inspection Information

At this moment the NPS at Lake Amistad does not have the funds for the K-9 unit that we are used to seeing at our boat ramps. There will likely be an opportunity to have your boat inspected prior to arriving at the boat ramp and a receipt will be given to pass the line of boats that have not had their inspection. Please utilize the blower and vacuum stations at the boat ramps to CLEAN, DRAIN, AND DRY YOUR VESSEL. STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Please see below expectations and requirements from the Amistad National Recreation Area regarding zebra mussels and how we can help prevent infestation of lake Amistad.

Expectations – Inform participants of the risk of launching their boats with standing water, and coordinate inspections to make sure they are in compliance with the law. Bring your boats clean, drained, and dry!!!

Requirements by Amistad NRA and Texas Administrative code, Draining of Water from Vessels Leaving or Approaching Public Freshwater:

All water other than water in a live well must be drained from the vessel prior to weigh-in. (DO NOT PULL PLUGS IN PARKING LOT – DRAIN YOUR BOAT BEFORE WEIGH IN)

The live well must be transported by the most direct route to an official weigh in location designated by the tournament director and documented on the NPS Permit (For PBOBI this will be Diablo East, fish tube still out of commission but will have a holding tank assisted by the Permian Bass Club)

The water in the live well must be drained or properly disposed of before the vessel leaves the weigh in location (parking lot is OK)

All vessels approaching public freshwater in Texas should be clean, drained and dry. All boats must be inspected to ensure cleaned, drained, and dry policies are adhered to prior to launching at Amistad National Recreation Area.

The National Parks Service and PBOBI appreciate your cooperation in keeping Amistad mussel free!!